Ethno-states or in a smaller more local sense, Ethno-communities are the goal of many White Nationalists and is probably the only realistic and conceivable chance for a country that favors White people over minority populations.

An Ethno-state is defined as follows:

ethnostate (plural ethnostates)

  1. A political unit that is populated by and run in the interest of an ethnic group

What this means, in simpler terms (if it can get much simpler than already stated), is a community or state that is majority populated by one ethnic group or one nationality (both in the case of America, or Canada), and with that majority comes privileges that aren’t bestowed upon the minorities of the population. An Ethno-state can either be fully homogenous, as it is nearly fully Japanese in Japan, or 85-90%+ one ethnicity as it is in places like Norway, or Iceland.

When I say privileges, I don’t mean to the detriment of the minority populations (if there are any), but privileges bestowed upon a people who built the land is only just and fair. The people who built America for example, fought, bled, and died to establish a nation that was far reaching and prosperous. Those same people, and their ancestors, should be given certain benefits and privileges to compensate for their deaths and sacrifice.

There are two case examples, which I will shamelessly “steal” from the book, Nova Europa, by Arthur Kemp. In the book, Mr. Kemp writes about two case examples of Ethno-states, Israel and Orania. I’d also like to add a third example of Japan into the mix, and at the end add in Tibet as an example of what happens with ethnic mass migration of another ethnicity and why it’s a MASSIVE problem.



Israel was first conceived by the Zionist named Theodor Herzl, an Austro-Hungarian Jew who developed the World Zionist Organization. Herzl realized that Jews could not continue to stay in lands that were not theirs and wanted to go back to their homeland, which was coincidentally under Ottoman rule (Palestine).

Herzl wrote a book called, Der Judenstaat, or “The Jewish State”, where he lays out the core concepts and foundations needed to set up a Jewish (or any) ethnostate. Herzl, in simple terms, expressed the need for a continual stream of money by rich Jews living in Europe to send over settlers first to till the land, build roads, erect street lamps, etc. Once these basic foundations are created, those settlers and the second generation so to speak of settlers, will start building/investing into the area to build up the need for jobs in the area. One has to remember that most people will NEVER move to a new place, state, city, or country, unless they are guaranteed to be secure financially. So what the first Zionists did was to build these areas to let people invest into bakeries, theaters, banks, grocery store, factories, etc. After jobs were established and needed, the area was advertised and people started flooding in.

Along with all of this, there was a great push factor, which both Herzl and Kemp talk about. This push factor was Anti-Semitism, and ultimately the Holocaust. Jews were treated badly in a lot of 19th and 20th century Europe due to their natural inclination to gravitate towards financial sector jobs and more seedy jobs to make their ends meet and this resulted in a backlash by Europeans by seeing them as greedy and generally cruel against the people that their country is ruled and controlled by (White Europeans). The Holocaust was a great wake up call for many Jews worldwide as-well, that led to the immigration going excessively high to the point where there were more Jews in the area that was established in Palestine, than Palestinians.

After WWI, there was a doctrine called the Balfour Declaration that basically laid the case for a Jewish homeland in Palestine by the British Government. And since Palestine was controlled by the British after the Ottoman loss in WWI, the British could easily develop a state for them, but waited until after WWII and the Holocaust to act, and after many “false-flags” by the Israelis to paint the local occupants (non-Jews) as hostile to them, they were “granted” their state. All of this resulted in multiple conflicts almost immediately for Israel, which it beat due to help extensively by the USA and UK, and still has lasting effects on their relationships with their neighbors.

This method of establishing an Ethno-state is the most risky and, if the Jews did not have US support, they would have probably been wiped out instantly. If we, or any other group, were to establish their own Ethno-state in a similar fashion they would need a world power who was ready to risk their reputation and soldiers for helping out the new state. This all seems entirely unlikely for Europeans, which brings me to my next Ethno-state.



Orania is currently one of two Afrikaner “only” towns in South Africa, it is effectively an ethno-community (a smaller version, and non-independent version, of an ethno-state).

Orania was first conceived upon right when Apartheid was starting to end, a group of Afrikaners realized that they would start soon to be faded out of society as evil oppressors and violence would be rampant against them. I covered this in my last blog when talking about the Boer/Afrikaner genocide watch rating and such. The first founders and visionaries for Orania decided that everything would be self-sufficient, no black labour, Afrikaner-only! This was actually a large step in Apartheid-era South Africa, because everyone thought that their black maid or gardener actually liked them, but in secret resented them, which led to huge wins for the ANC and such. A good example of people, especially right and far-right individuals, failing to see the danger in black labour is the AWB party leader Eugene Terre’Blanche. Eugene was the leader of a national socialist South African party, but still employed blacks to work on his farm. One morning the authorities found his body having been murdered and chopped up by the hired labour.

So, these anti-black labour idealists got together and bought a small strip of land in the Northern Cape, in the Great Karoo. This small little town was a town among many deserted or desolate coloured towns where people walked around as if they were zombies, high on drugs and alcohol and out of work.

From what I can understand, at the start of the Oranian experiment it was started as a “company”. Meaning, the company would buy the land out in the Northern Cape, and then have people live on the land for their “jobs” and they would hire only certain people who spoke Afrikaans and adhered to their Christian culture, which was strictly white people. Eventually, they got enough people to declare themselves as a town, and under the South African constitution they can essentially live in the town as a cultural minority, as many tribes do (Zulu, Xhosa, etc).

The land is constantly expanding, the town is actually one of the largest pecan growers in all of South Africa. The town currently is growing at a rate of 9-12% of the population a year, a relatively moderate growth rate. This rate will probably increase in the coming years, as I have pointed out with the land seizure bill (if it will ever come out) by Zuma and probably his successor. We have yet to see what Orania can do, but short of being exterminated by the SADF, I can’t imagine them stopping in terms of economic growth and overall prosperity. The original goal was to grow to a large amount before even starting, but that was a pipe dream and even to this day they are still under 2,000 people, but with 3 million Afrikaners living in South Africa, it’s sure to increase eventually.


The whole idea is supposed to top off with an expansion across the whole Northern Northern Cape, eventually and hopefully, reaching a point where the people have been there long enough to declare self-determination and get help from the UN and the international community to break off.

This idea is the most likely for a European or American ethno-state, but still has major problems. In America at least, ideas like this have been tried (mainly at the base level) in the examples of Ruby Ridge, and Waco TX. They were both eventually seized by the government and in the case of both, most of the inhabitants of the compounds were killed.

Still, the idea is the most likely to succeed out of any ethno-state due to its tenants of :

  • Buy land that is unwanted and uninhabited
  • Raise up land to a development level to encourage immigration to the area
  • Expand to other unwanted areas, and raise those places up
  • Claim self-determination, and break away

Of course the hardest part of this ideology, even though you are on unwanted and uninhabited land, it is still “wanted” by the current government who holds it. This was seen with Chechnya, and even in the recent Oregon siege. Neither places were particularly profitable or wanted by the government, but they were parts of the land and they did not want to secede any land to anyone. A good part for Orania is that there is a group called the Suidlanders. The Suidlanders are a para-military defense force for Afrikaners and whites in South Africa, so when what they call, ‘Racial Civil War’, breaks out in South Africa, they can defend the Afrikaans people. It would be particularly beneficial for both parties if the Suidlanders decided to set up shop in Orania and defend the town as a sort of militia in the event of a government attack, especially considering the SADF isn’t particularly top tier.



I wont be talking about the origins of the Japanese state, but rest assured, it did involve mass amount of colonialism that I’m sure the Japanese are not guilt-tripped over like Europeans are.

Japan exists in its current form as a peaceful ethno-state, that is nearly 100% Japanese, in terms of citizenry. All the laws benefit the Japanese, all the businesses prefer Japanese people, and all the people speak Japanese. None of this will change, even with the population decline, if things are to remain in the current situation, and that’s great! I genuinely wish the best for Japan and hope it prospers forever and ever. I just wish we could get equal treatment in the sense of how the world treats Japan (great) and the world treats white nationalist movements (terribly).

Japans current immigration laws themselves forbid anyone that isn’t a benefit to society, in most cases needing a bachelors degree to actually settle down in a lot of places. Of course there are loopholes to this, i.e. people finding jobs while on their holiday visas and being able to stay since they have an established job. But otherwise, they do measure the need for being a racially and ethnically homogenous country.

Japans current citizenship law is as follows:

  1. When either parent is a Japanese national at the time of birth
  2. When the father dies before the birth and is a Japanese national at the time of death
  3. When the person is born on Japanese soil and both parents are unknown or stateless

So what this means is you CANNOT be a Japanese citizen, and vote in elections and enjoy the rights of a citizen, unless you are by blood a Japanese person. This is in LARGE contrast to the current system in America and Canada, where you just need to be born into the country to be considered “American” or “Canadian”.

This ensures that even if for some odd reason that the Japanese were to become minorities in their own country by some outside immigration invasion that cannot be stopped by the government for whatever reason, they would still remain in power. This is obviously not the preferred arrangement but that is just the benefit of such a society.

If an ethno-state were to exist, they would need to adopt laws very similar to Japan and adopt them to restrict people of other ethnicities and races from being able to effect said ethnostates elections



Tibet is not included in here because it is, or was, and ethno-state (most 1950s countries were), but simply because it faces what the West will face within the next 20-50 years.

Tibet was a country that had a unique and rich culture that flourished. They were simpler people to be sure, but they were not detrimental, at least at the time of annexation.

Tibet was taken over in the 1950s by Communist China and subsequently stripped in a sense of its national and cultural identity, but not fully at this time. The Dalai Lama was allowed to remain in power for a bit, until a coup/civil war attempt was organized and he effectively was kicked out under the threat of imprisonment, and he now lives in exile in India. What next is the exact example of what is going to happen to Europe over the next decades.

Tibet was and is being flooded yearly by ethnic Han Chinese people, and in the capital of the Tibetan region, Lhasa, many of the signs in the city are not written in Tibetan script anymore, rather in Mandarin. Images of the Dalai Lama are banned and people face imprisonment for having relics related to Tibetan Buddhism. Monks involved in riots in the spring of 2008 are still to this day facing “re-education” camps by the Chinese and some are simply missing, probably killed. Another interesting facet is the destruction of traditional Tibetan relics and cultural landmarks, something that can be seen in modern Europe. This can be seen both by the invading forces (Islamist migrants) and the excessively leftist elements within the countries, forcing this art to be taken down or destroyed to not offend, similar to the history of certain things.

Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet

This is what Europe faces if they do not stop this.

How does one effectively implement an Ethnostate and control outside forces hostile to said state?

Using the case examples above, the best possible choice by far would be the Orania example. This has been used and is currently being used by groups like True Cascadia. Another interesting region that this would be effective in would be the American Redoubt as shown below :


This region is not the best, simply because you would be surrounded on all sides, and have no accesses to water. Leaving you effectively relying on the mercy and whims of the country you just left to help you with trade.

While it is not the most ideal, it is a realistic area that white nationalists and conservatives could claim as their own, and eventually break off. True Cascadia has a very similar ambition, but it wants to include the areas of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, giving itself water access which the American Redoubt lacks. While this idea is grand and optimistic, it’s unrealistic in my opinion unless mass amounts of conservative whites start to ‘white-flight’ to the area.

Personally I think one of the best area, albeit not very large at all and not very economically prosperous, would be Maine. Maine is a non-landlocked part of the country, with great access to the European and non-European world, and is nearly 95% white currently. The people are divided politically however, but this is much better than places like Oregon and Washington. The establishment of a small community in the north eastern parts of the state that is slowly built up, similar to Orania, would be immensely successful but that is obviously yet to be seen and might never happen.


I’ve had this idea of a private militia working with the local police force for quite a while. In the sense of an ethno-community, one where you control 1-10,000 people and are federally recognized as a town, with its own police force, you can effectively control the demographics of the surrounding area. Now this is just an idea, but if the local police force, who would have been born and raised in this community (meaning they are white nationalist themselves), works with a sort of local militia you could control what type of people move into your community. If a group of black people were to move in, and there was nothing to stop them in terms of private ownership of land, legal ways, etc. the only way I could see trying to stop this is if a private militia was to be set up.

This private militia would then go out and beat up or threaten this group of people who would then either leave due to threats of violence or go to the police, who would then “jail” these people and not actually process their cases into court cases or prison hearings. The undesirable people would eventually move due to continued harassment from this militia and local townspeople, and the town would continue to be one race and or ethnicity. This is only an idea, however.

Another technique whites could exploit to their advantage, is turning the local population into the religion of Creativity. I don’t advocate for this, but it is an interesting ideology in which the White race is actually the god figure from what I understand, and it’s actually a recognized religion. Whites could use blasphemy laws (see : not America since we have the 1st amendment) to their advantage to get people who are anti-white to be banished from their towns or even jailed.

If there are any more questions about ethnostates, feel free to leave a comment.


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