I’ve done a decent amount of research into the harsh realities of post-LC Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and post-Apartheid South Africa, and a bit into post-revolution Haiti. And don’t get me wrong, this lesson isn’t just confined to those three examples, more (albeit smaller) examples can be seen in decolonized Congo, Kenya, and Mozambique/Angola.

The lesson is simply that when whites lose their grip on governmental control, and in a sense societal control, it all goes to hell. Whites become the victims to abuse, theft from civilians and the government, and even death in extreme (but increasingly common) cases in Rhodesia, South Africa, and Haiti. One of the only ethnic groups under consideration for being classified as ‘being genocided’ are the Afrikaners/Boers of South Africa. Last I checked they were ranked a stage 5 ‘genocide alert’ on Genocide Watch.

The official definition from their site, http://www.genocidewatch.org/genocide/8stagesofgenocide.html, is as follows:

5. POLARIZATION: Extremists drive the groups apart. Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda. Laws may forbid intermarriage or social interaction. Extremist terrorism targets moderates, intimidating and silencing the center. Moderates from the perpetrators’ own group are most able to stop genocide, so are the first to be arrested and killed. Prevention may mean security protection for moderate leaders or assistance to human rights groups. Assets of extremists may be seized, and visas for international travel denied to them. Coups d’état by extremists should be opposed by international sanctions.

This can be seen, but not limited to, Zuma’s recent decree to take white ‘colonialist’ land, without compensation, to redistribute to the needy black africans of his country.

This act alone is enough to make someone who actually cares about people, not just non-whites, sick to their stomach. This is VERY reminiscent to the early 1990s ‘land reforms’ of Mugabe in Zimbabwe. These same land reforms led to the burning down of white owned land and farms by militant gangs essentially sponsored by the government, and subsequent killings of a lot of those same whites. If we are going to talk about economics, this land reform destroyed the country due to the expertise of the Europeans being wasted and spat on by the lower skilled African ‘farmers’. This led to another wave of ‘white flight’, similar to the one after Ian Smith gave the government over to Muzorewa, both times hurting the country extensively economically due to a ‘skills drain’.

This isn’t the only example of Zuma being anti-white, or more specifically, anti-Boer(Afrikaner). There is a celebration chant after his election he gave to an almost all black military, singing a song about “killing the Boer”.  And this doesn’t just extend to Zuma, Mandela himself was against land reforms but he wasn’t against using terrorist tactics against innocents whites (actually why he ended up being arrested for terrorism!). Another interesting figure here is the 3rd largest parties leader, Julius Malema. Malema is the head of the “Economic Freedom Fighters”, just the name alone coupled with the fact they are in South Africa, should give you an idea of what they are striving for.

Malema has on numerous occasions called for the redistribution of land (i.e. taking land from whites to give to lower skilled blacks). He even went on during a rally saying there was a genocide against blacks! In this little speech of his, he made the point that they wouldn’t be massacring and hurting whites, yet. There is a very interesting dynamic to be maintained here. Anti-white speakers can be hailed as a little extreme but nothing that bad, and they most definitely do not face any fines or jail time. But a former head of the Democratic Alliance, a Jewish woman by the name of Helen Zille is currently being investigated by the Human Rights Commission of South Africa. Surely she called for the immediate extermination of the black Africans, or perhaps she called them all maggots feeding on the rotting carcase of White Africa. Fat Chance.

Her tweets below :

So a woman who said that Colonialism wasn’t ALL that bad, is now being investigated by the HRC of South Africa, while a man who calls for the unjust confiscation of white land, and insinuates genocide against Boers, is allowed to go on and rile up more black Africans.

And these are all just governmental level grievances when it comes to the genocide of Afrikaners/Boers. When it comes to actual violence, I recommend you take a look at the counter on farmitracker.com, never mind, it seems to have been taken down by lack of donations. In terms of murders and attacks, the numbers are only shown from 1996-2007, and 2010-2016/7. Murders peaked around the late 90s and seems to be lowering, with the overall number at 1609 murders. Attacks, while declining in number, seem to be more stable than the number of murders. Overall there have been 11424 reported farm attacks in this time, which equals around 672 attacks a year on average, with nearly 2 occurring a day. And this has not only obviously killed people, but has led to white farmers simply stopping their participating in the tradition of agrarianism. More are either moving away to Europe, Oceania, or America, or moving to the big cities in hope of a better future in black South Africa.

In Rhodesia the same situation occurred, nearly 20 years before hand. After Ian Smith had to give his position as Prime Minister up to Muzorewa (who subsequently gave his position up to Mugabe) all hell broke loose. White flight exploded, and the remaining whites got shafted, hard. The remaining whites were, of course, blamed for all the problems in the country, everything from black jobless-ness to the state of the roads. So in the early 90s, when Mugabe was getting some heat from the people of the country for being a generally incompetent leader, he scapegoated the ever-shrinking population of whites in the country as the shady leaders behind the economy stalling and sputtering. He drew up ideas for ‘land reform and distribution’ and did it. Whites fled, some lost their property, and some died. The white population of Zimbabwe today stands at around 25,000 people, this is a stark number compared to the nearly 300,000 people in the heydays of Rhodesia. There are more white Zimbabweans/Rhodesians living in South Africa by a factor of 2, and looks to be that way in Australia soon, (this is actually true of normal black Zims as well, with more living outside of the borders than inside them).

Haiti is an older and more easily seen example of what happens when blacks are left the keys of civilization that was built by whites. Haiti was a sugar growing French colony that was being pushed to the point of revolution thanks to ever increasing colonialism and slavery. So when the Haitians finally did revolt, they just killed all the leaders and enslaved the other whites for ransom or other means, right? Well, no. There were whites that actually helped the Haitian blacks revolt, and they were nearly the first to be slaughtered. Nearly all the whites in Haiti were slaughtered, friend or foe, child or elder. It’s hard to find such an example relevant in today´s time, due to the emerging social media and how this wouldn’t be tolerated today but with more anti-white propaganda being posted and spread every day, I would wager most media would play it down and lessen the impact, if there would be any.

The other examples of Congo, Kenya, and Mozambique/Angola are just examples of decolonization doing more damage than the original colonization, and how it willfully shafts the whites who live in those areas. In Kenya, after decolonization, whites were hunted down, slaughtered, and some deported out of the country (the lucky ones). In Congo this similar trend happened, but most Belgians simply left and with it took literally all the brainpower of the country. There were something like 10 university graduates out of a multi-million person population in the country. And in Mozambique/Angola, you just have a similar story as said above, but Salazar tried getting people out before he succumbed to his death in 1970.

The point/lesson I’m trying to make here is that when whites lose power, we lose everything.

Thankfully, there is a solution overall, and no this isn’t an idea to deport all non-whites and live hunky-dory for ever after. This is an actual realistic ideology, and it’s the ideology of ethno-communities and secessionism.

All peoples have a right to self-determination, whether you are white, black, tibetan, or aborigine. This idea of white-only towns and cities has been cast out of society as ‘not diverse’ as if diversity gives any benefits short of some Thai food or tacos.

I recommend everyone who reads this blog to read the short book, Nova Europa, by Arthur Kemp. He makes the case, and the foundation for the start of a white ethnostate using case examples of Orania and Israel.

And to bring me to my final point of the ethno-community argument, is Orania. Orania is one of the only ‘Afrikaner-only’ towns (whites only) in the world. They are growing at a steady rate of 9-12% of their population a year, currently at somewhere around 1,500 souls. They (from my knowledge) hope to be the great volkstaat of the Afrikaner people and lead them to an independent Northern Cape. If successful, they will be the first ethnostate in modern times for white people, and will excel and prosper for that very reason. I can only hope and pray this movement and project works out in the end for the Afrikaner people and the white race in the end. It is kind of sad that in the next 100 years, the largest concentration of pure-white people in the world may be (if they are not decimated by the South African military for whatever reason) a town/city/state/country in Africa of all places.

I hope we do not reach the point where that last sentence becomes true, but the future is not looking bright for the European peoples unless something drastic (note : probably not political) happens.

Hail Victory!


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